This is a LC oscillator that works from KHz up to 100 MHz. It can oscillate any type of LC circuit. You can measure the result with a frequency counter connected to the output. You can oscillate from a few turns in the order of 100 MHz without external capacitor (the internal capacitance is about 8 pF) down to a 15H coil without capacitor !! You can add any capacitor you want and measure the produced frequency. This is one of my most useful circuits. I use it since 1983. I add a 78L09 so I operate it from 12-13.8V.

R1: 56 K        

R2: 470 ohm  

R3: 470 K      

R4: 470 ohm  

C1: 39 nF 

C2: 47 pF 

C3: 47 pF 

C4: 100 uF/16 V

C5: 39 nF 

C6: 100 nF 

J1: BF245      

J2: BF245       

Q1: BFR99