When I setup my first 2.4 GHz links I need to reset them often. So I build a HF remote reset at 29 MHz FM band. The elements was a inverted V dipole, an BF256 preamp, a MC3356 receiver, a LM386 audio amplifier, a 8870 DTMF receiver with custom XTAL to avoid resets by other DTMF users, a 4514 4 bit to 16 decoder and 16 open collector circuits. A 4 LED display was used to debug the DTMF codes. A small speaker was connected via a button to monitor the receiver. The existing 12V & 5V power supply was used. The box was from a 2 port repeater (Hub) !!! The 16 open collectors drive 16 relays. A rack box with 7 different outputs with relays in normally closed state was used to reset 220V devices. To reset the ECHOLINK PC a relay was used to drive the PCs reset.