A friend needs to modify a 150W floor lighr to a LED one. Initially we plan to put one 20W cold and one 20W warm . But we finally put only one warm 20W LED. To spread the heat we put the LED first to one aluminium plate and this we put to the black metal surface. The advantage when you put the LED at the side and not horizontaly is that the light is not symmetric so when you put the floor lighter near the wall you do not need to turn it in order to light in order to cover the whole room. You have to put the LED to the wall side in order to cover the whole room. Luckily enough, the power supply fits exactly inside the gap at the center. We put a plastic for insulation for the power supply. The only additional thing we have to do  is to put some glue that is not sensitive to heat to fix the plastic insulation. If we need to have the same light we have to put a 30W LED but this is enough for my friend.