Instructions for using the remote controlled HF receiver


After you connect to the SV3CHA-R you directly hear the audio from the receiver. If you are the only user you will see detailed instructions to the up right window. If  other users are also connected, you will see in the up right window the list with all the connected callsigns. To the small down right window you will see a message that if you send HELP will get instructions.  You will also see the current frequency and  MODE (existing modes are : USB,LSB,AM,FM,CW)  that you hear this moment for example 14285,00 USB.

To change the frequency you write the new frequency i.e. 14200 and press the send button. After you send the command you will see a message displaying ‘Executing 14200’ informing that the command is to be executed. Next you will see the result, the new frequency and current mode. i.e. 14200 USB. To change the mode you give the proper word (like USB, LSB, AM, FM, CW) i.e. LSB and you press Send button again. You see again Executing LSB and then you see the new frequency and operating mode..


- The receiver is ICOM R72 30KHz – 3OMHz.

- When you give the frequency DO NOT enter also the mode, just only the frequency or the mode, NOT both of them !!!

- You enter the frequency with one of the following ways: 14.285 or 14285 (NOT 14,285) or 14285,23 or 14.285,23 (NOT 14285.23).

- The repeated commands that entered are discarded !! This can not be avoided and you will not be very happy when this happens. What you will see when it happens is that when giving a command, the familiar ‘Executing BLABLA’ will not be displayed. The solution is to enter something else so it will ‘forget’ the previous command and then send it again. For the MODE the solution is simpler, you can add as many letters as you like to the end of the MODE like: LSBKJHG instead of LSB.

- If you want to check or verify the operating frequency or MODE, you try writing anything and the current frequency and MODE will be displayed.

- If you are more than one users receiving then you have to arrange for sharing the usage of the receiver. If for example someone wants to hear if his signal propagates to the receiver the users can arrange to QSY for testing and the other user who wants to stay receiving a specific frequency can wait until he finished.

- Connections are accepted only from single users and NOT from links or repeaters. One reason is not to hear music or any non HAM audio on the air and also if a link or repeater is connected it is impossible to disconnect it.

- If it disconnects you after a few minutes set 0 to the Tools, Setup , Timing , Receive timeout.

- For every problem, reason or comment write to us or call me on the air.


73 and good listening

George SV1BDS